Box Office 2021

Box office tel: 07570 366186 (10am-5pm)



Initially, in case some degree of social distancing in theatres is still required in July, we will only be selling half the seats in the theatre. As soon as the government confirm that social distancing will be lifted (anticipated in June) we will release the remaining tickets in a second tranche of booking. At the beginning of the second tranche we will be operating a second, short booking period for Patrons and Friends. The exact date depends on the government. We will endeavour to keep you well informed by email and here on the website.


When the box office first opens you will book your tickets in the price band you require but, at this stage, we will not yet be allocating seat numbers. This is to enable us to allow for the correct degree of legally-required social distancing should it be necessary.  Once the government position is clear (anticipated in June) we will allocate your seats and you will receive a second email confirming your actual seat numbers. If you selected to receive your tickets in the post, we will post them to you at this stage.


PATRONS There are no restrictions on the number of tickets a Patron may buy.
FRIENDS OF DORSET OPERA may buy four tickets per opera during the first week of their priority booking period ie. 4th -10th May. This is intended to allow as many Friends as possible to be able to buy tickets. For the second week of priority booking that restriction is lifted and from 10th – 18th May there will be no limit on the number of further tickets Friends may buy.
GENERAL PUBLIC when the box office is open to the general public there will be no restrictions on the number of tickets one may buy. Patrons and Friends are strongly encouraged to make good use of their priority booking period before 18th May.

Ticket Prices

Seat Prices 2021
Band 1 (Green) Rows B-C £38
Band 2 (Blue) Rows D-E £60
Band 3 (Purple) Rows F-S (sides) & X-Y Balcony £68
Band 4 (Pink) Rows I-R (centre) & T-W Balcony £75
Band 5 (Black) Row H £100
Restricted View seats (behind conductor) (Yellow) £30

An administration fee of £4 is charged per transaction and, if you choose to receive your tickets in the post, a £2 fee for postage.

Coade Hall seating plan 2021 (click to enlarge)



6th April President’s Circle Patrons
13th April Chairman’s Circle Patrons
20th April Director’s Circle Patrons
27th April Conductor’s Circle Patrons
4th May Friends of Dorset Opera
18th May The box office opens to the general public
June TBC, for one week, Priority Booking second tranche as soon as circumstances, and the law, allow.