Box Office 2021

Box office tel: 07570 366186 (10am-5pm)

Where are my tickets?

If you have already purchased tickets and selected to receive them by email, you should by now have received them confirming your seat numbers. If you selected to receive your tickets in the post, you will be receiving them in the next couple of days.


Ticket Prices

Seat Prices 2021
Band 1 (Green) Rows B-C £38
Band 2 (Blue) Rows D-E £60
Band 3 (Purple) Rows F-S (sides) & X-Y Balcony £68
Band 4 (Pink) Rows I-R (centre) & T-W Balcony £75
Band 5 (Black) Row H £100
Restricted View seats (behind conductor) (Yellow) £30

An administration fee of £4 is charged per transaction and, if you choose to receive your tickets in the post, a £2 fee for postage.

Coade Hall seating plan 2021 (click to enlarge)



6th April President’s Circle Patrons
13th April Chairman’s Circle Patrons
20th April Director’s Circle Patrons
27th April Conductor’s Circle Patrons
4th May Friends of Dorset Opera
18th May The box office opens to the general public