Boris Godunov

21 and 25 July at 19:00, 23 July matinée 14:00
The Coade Theatre, Bryanston, Dorset
English surtitles | 600-seat theatre | full orchestra | chorus of 70

Brief Synopsis

With the chorus almost being the main protagonist in Boris Godunov, this great Russian epic, with its roots based in historical fact, has been edited by such musical luminaries as Rimsky-Korsakov and Shostakovich. Nowadays, it is widely accepted that Mussorgsky’s unusual and original scoring should be observed. The 1869 version of the opera tells of events after the death of the tyrant, Tsar Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible), whose rule left the people of Russia cowed, poor and destined to be ruled by despots and dictators. In his desire to become Tsar himself, it is widely accepted that Boris was responsible for the ‘removal’ (presumably, death) of Ivan’s heir, but no one really knows what happened to his second child – although a Pretender to the throne does come forward. In the end, wracked with grief over what he has done, and having secured his own dynasty, Boris Godunov gives us one of the greatest death scenes in all opera.

Cast & Creative Team

Boris Godunov tbc
Fyodor (Feodor), his son tbc
Kseniya (Xenia), his daughter tbc
Kseniya’s nurse tbc
Prince Vasily Ivanovich Shuyskiy tbc
Andrey Shchelkalov, clerk of the duma tbc
Pimen, chronicler hermit tbc
The Pretender, (using the name Grigoriy) training with Pimen tbc
Varlaam, a ruffian tbc
Misail, a vagabond tbc
Innkeeper tbc
The yuródivïy tbc
Nikitich, a police officer tbc
Mityukha, a peasant tbc
The Boyar-in-Attendance tbc
Conductor Jeremy Carnall
Director Paul Carr
Designer tbc
Costume Realisation tbc
Lighting designer tbc
Chorus Master Stephen Harris
Orchestra Leader David Spencer